Magnetic Imanta


Driving to Imanta reminds of Jurassic Parc. Once in the rather remote part of Punta de Mita, 45km north of PVR, one gets to Higuera Blanca, a really small village constisting of maybe 70 houses and 10 speed bumps. There is no signage, so finding the entry is, although not hidden, still exclusive to the ones "in the know".

After going through a small creek, the a guard opens the first gate. And here it is, the impressive nature of Imanta's jungle. Beware to not hit any animal that might cross the path on the way to paradise! Aother mile or so later, the second gate is opened, and one leaves behind the stress and distractions of daily life and gets attracted by the magnetism, el poder del iman, of Imanta, and indulged in the sounds, smells, and atmosphere of this place.

 The port cochere is a place high up, with a breathtaking view. One can only guess what more awaits on these endless acres of untouched grounds. Strolling through the jungle and wandering along the beach, as if there was no one else but the waves and the birds.

Oh, and that Margarita they served at the daybed was just delicious.

The room.... Named the huichol way, "Werika", the entrance is hidden in the jungle. Key? No need, after those two fiercly guarded gates guests can leave the doors unlocked. Even for the smallest room, the term room is an understatement. Every, yes every, suite has a private terrace, garden and swimming pool. Higher categories with unbeatable views of the ocean.  

Colors and textures are mexican yet discreet. The freestanding bathtub "una delicia".

Stay in for dinner.... There is no limitations on the menu, actually, there is no menu. After giving the Maitre D' just an indication of what the pallate is longing for, there is endless recommendations of entrees and sides that are fresh from the market and exquisitely prepared by the chef.

Although, wait, before dinner.... An aperitif in the observatory is a must, especially at sunset. High up above the jungle, the horizon invites to dream....

The way back to the room can be adventorous, depending on rain.. During our stay, it was rainy season anyway, we had an impressive lightning storm as dinner show, with the paths becoming creeks and rivers on the way back. True remote jungle feeling, while still being pampered by the ladies and gents serving the guest here.

After a night in our own jungle, and delicious breakfast in the sun we ventured up to the hill on the grounds, guided by a staff member. Half an hour hike up, soaked in the dampness of the climate and our sweat, we were rewarded with views of Punta Mita and the bay of Banderas - insider recommendation for the ones who are used to trail hiking. The only thing Imanta will not be able to do for you is actually have dinosaurs. 



The stay at Imanta was a very special one for us, it truly is a magical place. We wish you an equally memorable time there.

If you need help in setting it up, email us... Network to Mexico is still tight, and it is our pleasure to help where we can.

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