2012 July ~ Pizzo Cassimoi

Our first hochtour! After having attended the course weekend from the SAC (Swiss alpine club) on the Steingletscher in June, Melanie couldn't await to do her first "real" tour to the higher peaks of the Swiss alps. Weather was predicted to be bad in whole Switzerland except of the Ticino. Aaaah, bello Ticino! Let's go there!

We drove to the Lago di Luzzone, parked our car and hiked up to the Capanna Scaradra on 2173m. This nice little hut (without guide) is clean and cozy and a perfect place to spend a night before the actual approach to the peak starts.

The next day we started early in the morning and walked up to the Vadrecc di Sorda (a small glacier) which led us to the the Sella di Cassinello at 3000m. From there it's another 30 minutes to the north-west peak at 3128m which needs to be climbed over rocky terrain (see pictures!).  30 more minutes away is the "official" peak Cassimoi SE 3129m which was first occupied by some capricorns, eyeing us attentively on our way up.

After having been at this lonesome place (only about 40-50 people visit this peak every year) we started the descend back to our car. Again we had to walk over the glacier and down the valley of Scaradra which was occupied by litterally hundres of sheep.

A very nice hike and a first for Melanie. What a good weekend!


Crossing this creek was a little bit adventurous


A good meal is an important preparation for a successful day in the mountains


Enjoying the last rays of sunlight


Spectacular clouds


Rainy ascent the next day


On the Vadrecc di Sorda


Lady in the mist


Mädchen and Rocks


At Pizzo Cassimoi SE 3129m


Going down again on snow and ice. Watch your steps!


Above the Scardara Valley sits the Pizzo Cassimoi NW 3128m


Another nice mountain in this valley: The Punta di Val Scaradra 2823m or the so called Matterhorn di Ticino :-)
 A nice climb (6a) leads up to the summit of this peak...

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