2012-08-19 ~ Pilatus - Climbing one of Switzerland's most visited peaks

After our last glacier tour to Vrenelis Gärtli, it was clear that my knees would not stand more hikes down, so for the rest of the summer we would keep it to mountains with a furnicular down. Weather forecast was promising, and on a Sunday in mid August we wanted to finally climb the Galtigentürme at the Pilatus. 

Pilatus is located right at Lake Lucerne, 2119m high and due to its magnificent views to Lake Lucerne a must visit for every tourist, especially visitors from far east. I had already twice hiked up the normal route from Alpnachstad for fitness training purposes, but this time we wanted to climb the Galtigen ridge, a relatively easy 3-4c (French Scala) climb. 

With the railway up the the halfway station and about an hour hike to the entry, the Ämsigenplatte. 


Believe me, it looks much steeper as it is, although the first pitch was a 5b. After this section a quick lunch break, and off to the towers. Enjoy the images!




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