About Melanie

My likes - travelling, (i)photography, getting to know people and cultures, a good book on our fabulous terrace, good food & wine, dancing, climbing, hiking, biking, diving, SUPing (go look it up!), cheering for DO at his competitions, summer evenings, being a host, writing (and if it's just for myself), turquoise water, cooking ethnic food, my bavarian roots, speaking foreign languages, discovering the beauties of the world and the secrets of life 

My dislikes - won't brag about all the injustices of the world, so just two things

  • ONE - I honestly boycott zoos and especially water adventure parks, animals belong into the wilderness and the ocean, and there is no scientific reason whatsoever to have them in cages. Period. Any doubts? Watch "The Cove"
  • TWO - narrow minds. I lived in different countries and cultures, and can say for sure, there is no room for such thing as prejudices and pre-existing generalizations. Go, look for yourself, and then talk. In this sequence, not vice versa.

Three things only my closest friends know about me

  • I drink regularly mate
  • I can still do the split
  • In my second life I will become a dive instructor in the South Pacific



  • 144 days of age difference to DO
  • 34cm of height difference to DO
  • 20kg weight difference to DO
  • Probably 10 hours per week difference in sports activities


This pretty much sums up our differences, not that we would be the same in all other aspects but just very fortunate to have met.

To some it might seem as true love story, it definitely has potential to be told to future generations I guess. We met in June 2012 at a wedding in Germany. The minister at the ceremony quoted from the bride & groom's wedding invitation their chosen theme: first look for a companion, then begin your journey. It seems we were ready to travel in August DO visited MELA in Puerto Vallarta for a month, and another 6 weeks later MELA had packed her belongings and moved to Basel to be with DO. 

Since then, we've been quite actively out and around.

Where we go, what we are up to, you can read at this page. We hope you can laugh a bit with us, virtually visit and travel with us, and simply take part in our lives and happiness.

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