Tour de Suisse - 1. Etappe

Back in October or November of last year, while we were doing a long training hike in preparation for our Colombia trekking, Dominik had the idea for a project that is a bit unusual: to cycle around Switzerland, on the closest possible track that our physical condition, cycling paths & streets and not to forget the weather allows. 

Spring came and he started planning: the different stages, mapped on, and dilligently logged on our wiki. 

For the Easter weekend we planned to do the first big part in 4 days, from Flüh (basically just in our backyard) to Bregenz but a bad flu put a spoke on our wheel. Nevertheless, on April 1, we started to do the first stage: from our home in Aesch BL southwest, crossing the border to France in Flüh, and basically cycling around Basel, into Germany, and coming back to swiss ground in Grenzach. 

This at the same time is probably the most annoying stage anyway as it is only through villages and cities, no nice flow, but necessary to close the big tour. So, having done this as the first stage, it can only get better! 

Bike: our allround day-to-day bikes. Distance: 64.50 km Time: 3:45:00 Avg Speed: 17.2 km/h

 At the border Switzerland - France


Border F - D on Easter Monday

And sometimes we had to overcome - or undergo - a variety of obstacles....


.... to be continued!



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