2012 July ~ Lagginhorn south ridge (4010m)

Last weekend (22/23. July) I was in the swiss alps with my friend Olli. We have planned to do a so called "Hochtour" - a high altitude tour to the Lagginhorn 4010m above Saas Grund in the canton of Wallis in Switzerland.

To make things a bit more interesting, we didn't take the normal route to the peak but the long and exposed south ridge. I will share with you some impressions of this nice and challenging tour:


Ascend to the Lagginjoch, where the climbing on the ridge starts


 View to the so called Mischabelgruppe with it's highest point Dom 4545m (the peak in the middle). I was there last year


Olli at Lagginjoch in the first sunrays of the day

844197 Nice rocks to climb




Dudes at the summit of Lagginhorn 4010m


The Lagginhorn. The ascend on the south ridge starts outside of the picture on the right side. The summit is on the left



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